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  • ALKALICHAS / 25 kg
  • ALKALICHAS / 25 kg


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Combines cleaning, degreasing and disinfection in one step, saving time and money
Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal  spectrum
Effective in dissolving vegetable and animal fats and proteins.
Economical and effective for both: hard and soft water.
Specially formulated to create active and stable foam for longer contact with vertical surfaces.
There is no odor of chlorine

For cleaning and disinfection of alkali-resistant surfaces in the Food industry.
Designed for cleaning floors, walls,equipment.
Spectrum of action of  Benzalkonium chloride – bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal. It destroys cell membranes with an exposure time of 15 minutes. Fields of application: surface disinfection in  buildings, health and medical establishments, food production, sites for public use (kindergartens, schools, municipalities, offices, sports facilities), veterinary sites, including transport facilities, accommodation and breeding of animals.
Caution: Not suitable for brass, zinc, galvanized surfaces!

Use equipment for active foam or by immersion, by wiping with a mop.
Concentration of the working solution 5 ÷ 10%
Impact time 15-30 minutes.
Rinse with drinking water!

The product is for professional use. The Safety Data Sheet is provided to consumers. Observe the instructions for safe use and storage.

Packaging: 25 kg

Технически данни
СъставАлкален хидроксид, комплексообразуватели, Четвъртични ( кватернерни) Амониеви Съединения и нейоногенни ПАВ.
ЕкологичностТоксичен за водните организми, с дълготраен ефект.
Предупреждения за опасност:Може да причини изгаряния на кожата и увреждане на очите. Може да бъде корозивно за металите.

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