• GORDON S / 30 kg
  • GORDON S / 30 kg

GORDON S / 30 kg

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  • Extremely strong concentrate.Easily removes heavy dirt  from oils, fats, proteins, sugars (starch), tar deposits and others.
    Its active ingredients: a mixture of alkali, highly efficient non-ionic surfactants and solubilizing agents are responsible for its unique properties- removes  even carbonized and polymerized overlays
    Forms a stable foam that allows effective removal of fat and protein
    Economical and effective for both: hard and soft water.
    Does not contain  chlorine and phosphates
  • Cleaning of alkaline resistant surfaces in the production of the Meat Processing, Fish and Dairy industries. It is also suitable for washing exterior surfaces of equipment and production facilities.
    Finds application:
    – for cleaning smoking chambers, grills, ovens.
    – for cleaning frying pans, grills and more.
    – in combination with hot water, decompose fat deposited in drainage channels and prevents clogging.
  • A solution with a concentration of 1 ÷ 5%, depending on the degree of contamination and the frequency of treatment.
    Application time: 5 ÷ 10 minutes. It is applied with a foaming device, by soaking or by hand.
    After cleaning, rinse with water!
The product is for professional use. A safety data sheet is provided to users. Observe the instructions for safe use and storage.

Packaging: 30 kg

Технически данни
СъставСъдържа алкален хидроксид, комплексообразуватели, нейоногенен ПАВ и соли.
ЕкологичностПреди неутрализация продуктът може да представлява опасност за водните организми.
Предупреждения за опасност:Вреден при поглъщане. Може да причини изгаряния на кожата и увреждане на очите. Може да бъде корозивно за металите.

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